Royal Peacock


When I was a kid I lived in a suburb area and my father usually took me out for biking on Saturday evening. Twenty years ago, there were few padi fields near our old house and there was a house with lots of farm animals nearby. I vividly remember that there were 2 peacocks roaming free on the street not far from this house – so I assumed they live in that house. Every time I passed the house, I always stopped to admire these beautiful creatures. Oh how I miss the view and the fresh air back then! I believe these padi fields are no longer exist due to property developments in the area 😦

When I stumbled upon this little Peacock amigurumi from Top Crochet Pattern website (click here for the free pattern), I immediately fell in love! It transported me right back to my childhood memories! I guess it was the vibrant royal blue color that caught my eyes. The free pattern is written in UK crochet term, so for American crocheter, you might want to get conversion chart for this one. I can imagine me making this amigurumi with different yarn colour. The colour combination is endless! I called this one Royal Peacock and he looks a bit lonely, so I might make him a friend – or a herd of them if I had time hahaha… 🙂 Enjoy!

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Royal Peacock1

Royal Peacock3

Look at the gorgeous tail!!! 


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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