Emerald Peahen


While I’m writing this post, I have to cringe several times 😦 I have a severe muscle spasm on my neck since 3 days ago. I thought this spasm will go away quickly like many times when I had wrong sleep position. This time, it is really hurting me and I went to chiropractor to check if there was something wrong with my neck bones. Luckily, it is just muscle and I may have to endure the pain for several more days 😦

Since I pretty much can’t do anything, I decided to make the female version of the peafowl, Emerald Peahen, to accompany the Royal Peacock. I just realize that the female is called Peahen – instead of Peacock – since they are birds too, just like chicken. Instead of crocheting 2 separate parts for head and body as in the pattern from Top Crochet Pattern (click here for the free pattern), I modify them to make one continuous shape. Honestly, I prefer my version since it looks more integrated. The eyelashes on the peahen give it more feminine looks. I use bright yellow as opposed to pastel yellow as in Royal Peacock since I love bold vibrant colors on this bird. The two love birds are perfect for each other *awww….* Anyway, I won’t be doing crochet for a while until I get over my neck spasm *hopefully really really soon..* For now, enjoy the pretty Emerald Peahen!

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Emerald Peahen1

Emerlad Peahen2


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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