Bunny Lovey


Using the same yarn as the Pink Tuttifruity Bow, I made this baby lovey. So what is baby lovey??? It is actually described as a small blanket with an attached doll as your baby’s companion. It helps to soothe the babies when they are cranky or when they get separation anxiety from their parents. Many babies become attached to their own lovey and yes, don’t expect the lovey to be in pristine condition a month after you introduce it to your baby. Honestly, I do have a ‘lovey’ myself that I am still attached to until today. *I know it’s a bit embarrassing hahaha…* It is a kid-sized bolster that my mom gave me when she threw away my baby bolster. I keep it very well though, so no icky drool on it now hahaha… It’s been with me for over 20 years now!!! Even my hubby gets jealous of my bolster sometimes 😛

For this lovey, I used the beautiful Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket pattern from Celeste Young (click here for free pattern). I decided to make a bunny rabbit amigurumi as the doll head for the lovey. I made the bunny looks sleepy since I want the lovey to be baby’s sleeping companion. I hope this Bunny Lovey will be a lifetime companion for one lucky baby 🙂

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Bunny Lovey2

Bunny Lovey3


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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