Tiger Lovey


The reason I love making amigurumi and baby set is that they come in parts -sometimes with different patterns – that are quick to finish. When people ask me why I don’t make scarf or blanket, I always answer that I get bored easily for a project that requires hours of repetitive pattern. But hey… Never say never! After finishing the Bunny Lovey, I was kinda hooked on making the small baby blanket. I browsed my Pinterest pins and remembered DenDennis’ Crochet Elephant Snuggle (click here for the free pattern) that I found a while ago. The pattern is fairly easy to follow – you just have to get the hang of it for the first few rounds and the rest is just repeating the same pattern.

I must say, I did enjoy making this Tiger Lovey. I found that with this repetitive pattern, I don’t have to stick my eyes on my crochet hook all the time! I usually crocheting while watching TV series on Netflix and most of the time, I only follow the story from what I hear from the TV since I have to focus on my stitches. While making the blanket, I was actually able to see what’s on TV! hahaha… So, I may do more blankets in the future but the baby version ones since I still don’t have guts to crochet a whole afghan 😛

The yarn I used for this blanket was also bought a few years back. I bought it because I love how the orange and yellow mix are so subtle; hence, perfect for baby articles. This square blanket is perfect for summer since it’s so airy and yet comfortable enough to cover the little one. The tiger doll is a fast amigurumi to make. It was just a simple round pattern. I embroidered the eyes, nose, stripes, and whiskers so there’re no choking hazard for baby. I hope you like this little Tiger… Rawrrrr…

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Tiger Lovey

Tiger Lovey2


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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