Hippo Lovey


Pardon for the slow update on the blog as I am technically still on holiday hahahaha… I try to enjoy the delicious authentic local food as much as I can while I am in my home country. Apart from the cheap price  that can make my stomach almost exploding, the taste of the food itself is actually way better than any Indonesian restaurant in the States *and obviously 1000x better than my attempted cooking at home -_-‘ hahaha…*.

Back to crocheting business… 😛 This Hippo Lovey is actually the 2nd lovey that I made last month. With the fall season approaching in California, this mini blanket is perfect to keep your baby warm. The friendly hippo is a perfect companion for the babies as they fall asleep feeling secure with a friend on their side. I bought the yarn on a whim right before I left the States since it was on sale. The yarn itself is thicker than other yarns I used to make other lovey. Hence, it’s perfect for fall & winter season 🙂 Enjoy!

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Hippo Lovey


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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