Song Triplets Amigurumi


I am back from the long winter hibernation! Last September, I travelled back to my home country, Indonesia. I was there to visit my family and suffered some health issues along the way. Hence, I had to take a lot of rest and gave myself a break from my online store and blog. During that time, I was pretty much sleeping and watching Youtube or Netflix all day. There were lots of doctor appointments and hospital visits but thankfully, I am way better now 🙂

While recovering, I stumbled upon a Korean reality show on Youtube called The Return of Superman. This show follows a few celebrity dads with kids ranging from baby to toddlers trying to take care of their own kids for 48 hours without the help of anyone, including the moms. The show is apparently very popular in Korea because it shows that celebrity dads are just like regular people when raising their children. I started to watch from episode 34 that introduced Song Il-Kook (a famous Korean actor) with his triplets: Dae-Han, Min-Guk, and Man-Se. Right at the first sight, I fell in love with their chubby cheeks and funny behaviour. And boy…, I trully enjoy watching the triplets when they eat. They eat EVERYTHING from baskets of steamed dumplings, big pork ribs, juicy fresh strawberries, and even kimchi! Their plates are always clean and spotless and sometimes, they asked for 2nd or 3rd round! I felt sorry for their parents. They must spend tons of money to feed those hungry dinosaurs hahaha…

Last month, the triplets quit the show since their dad has to film his new drama and the triplets are going to school (episode 116). Since, I miss them so much, I decided to make amigurumi of them. I am planning to add keychain to these amigurumi so I can attach them to my bags and have these happy faces to cheer me up every where I go 😀

You can watch the show, The Return of Superman, on Youtube for free (click here for the link). Although the triplets are no longer in the show, there are others family with cute kids that are worth to watch. So, enjoy!

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Song Triplets

Song Triplets

song ilkook

First and last interview of Song family
(photo from


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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