Lee Twins Amigurumi


I made another amigurumi kids from The Return of Superman (TROS). This time, they are Lee Twins, the sons of Lee Hwi-jae (a famous TV host & comedian in South Korea). The twins and their father are the original cast of TROS. They have been joining the show since episode 1 when the twins were babies! I think what makes them loveable is how funny and animated is the dad (Lee Hwi-jae). As the twins grow from chubby babies to smart & funny toddlers, I love this family even more! Lee Seo-eon, the big bro, is a charmer while Lee Seo-jun, the younger twin, is a creative and super cheeky! When they were babies, they fought a lot. As they become older, it is super cute to see how affectionate they are to one another. Although they are twins, each has different personality which surprises their parents. One thing the twins never argue is when they are trying to trick his dad hahaha… and dad’s reaction is always fun to watch!

You can watch the show, The Return of Superman, on Youtube for free (click here for the link).

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Lee Twins2

Lee Twins

Lee Seo-eon & Lee Seo-jun

lee twins.jpg

Lee Hwi-jae (dad) and the twins (Seo-eon on left and Seo-jun on right)
(note: picture was taken from Google image)


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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