Choo Sarang Amigurumi


It seems that I’ve been infected with ‘The Return of Superman’ virus 😛 Waiting for the Youtube upload every week is excruciating! I miss those smart and funny kids and anxiously waiting for their next adventure with the dads. Hence, I decided to make amigurumi based on Choo Sarang, the daughter of famous MMA athlete Choo Sung-hoon (or Yoshihiro Akiyama). They had been on The Return of Superman show since the first episode but decided to quit the show recently (their last episode was 122). Same as Lee Twins, the viewers had been following Sarang’s growing up from just a baby with babbling words to a smart & pretty 5-year old girl who can speak 3 different languages: Korean, Japanese (since her mom is Japanese), and English! As an MMA athlete, her father always encourages Sarang to be tough. She is indeed a very competitive kid and sometimes, she cries whenever she loses to a challenge hahaha…. On the contrast, her mom (Shiho Yano),  a famous Japanese model, tried to teach her to be more elegant and graceful. I guess Sarang is a very fortunate kid to have this balance attitudes from her parents. I extremely enjoy watching Sarang when she eats. She immediately chomps down any food in front of her, especially strawberries. Ah… I will miss her infectious laugh and smile >.<

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choo sarang

Choo Sung-hoon and Choo Sarang (photo from


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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