Lee Siblings Amigurumi


My next amigurumi project from The Return of Superman (TROS) show is the Lee Siblings. They are the children of Lee Dong-gook (a famous Korean soccer player) and Lee Soo-jin (a former miss Korea). In total, they have 5 children (2 sets of twin girls and a baby boy). However the TROS show mostly focuses on Lee Dong-gook’s younger children: the twin girls (Soo-ah and Seol-ah) and the cute youngest baby boy (Si-an). The thing that makes me fall in love with this family is the interactions among the siblings. Si-an, usually called Daebak, is the most calm and mellow baby I’ve ever know. He always smiles whenever his dad calls his name and rarely being fuzzy. On contrast, his older sisters who are a year older than him are adventurous and cheeky. They are known as the ‘Beagle Sisters’ since they often caused a havoc around the house. All 4 sisters love Daebak very much and take a good care of him. However, Seol-ah sometimes ‘steal’ Daebak’s milk hahaha…

Check out their cheekiness and other adventures in The Return of Superman on Youtube for free (click here for the link).

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Lee Beagle Sisters

Lee Siblings

lee dong gook2

Lee Dong-gook’s family (picture from soompi.com)


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


One thought on “Lee Siblings Amigurumi

  1. After searching a lot of websites, your website is the only one that explained the meaning of the beagle sisters. Thanks so much.

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