UBC Sauder School of Business Graduation


It’s graduation season here in Vancouver, Canada. After attending my brother’s graduation yesterday, it is his friends’ graduation day today. N and E are the same age as my brother but since we were going to the same church when I was in Canada, I know them better. Both of them are graduating from business major from UBC.

N was introduced to me by my high school friend back in Indonesia – yeah… it is a small world after all hahaha… Both N and E came to Vancouver with their moms a year before their high school graduation to survey several universities in Canada and USA. Me and my hubby drove them around Vancouver to show how beautiful the city was. A year later, N decided to come to Vancouver and study there. N is also a talented photographer. In fact, he took our pre-wedding pictures around Vancouver and he was our videographer for our wedding. E came to Vancouver to fulfil her passion of cooking. She made a beautiful croquembouche and yummy macarons for my wedding. After graduating from Culinary Arts, she decided to study business at UBC. Although they are not my blood relatives, I always feel that they have special parts in my heart 🙂 Congratulations and good luck, guys!!!

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