Vision Minion


Sorry for being absent for a while. I just got back from Vancouver to attend my brother’s university graduation. Before the trip, I had a plan to make a whole cast of The Avengers after watching Captain America: Civil War. However, there were lots of things coming up so I had to postpone my plan until I got back.

The Vision from Marvel comics wears green costume with yellow cape. In the Marvel movies, the costume got upgraded into a more modern look. Honestly, I had a hard time to find the yarn colour to match the tealy-greyish costume as Paul Bettany wore in the film. So, I decided to use dark mossy green instead. Hence, my version is an interpetation of the oldies and the modern combo look. The gold cape gives the doll a sense of lightness on the bold colours costume. I think all superheroes should have capes so they look tougher -although it might be impractical during the fight 😛 Anyway, enjoy my version of Vision Minion.

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Vision Minion

The Vision (comic vs. film). Pictures from wikipedia.


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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