Black Panther Minion


Here is the latest Minion-Avengers hybrid that I made: Black Panther Minion. According to Wikipedia, Black Panther is the one of African-American superheroes in Marvel Comics. He appears the first time in Captain America: Civil War movie as a prince who wants a revenge of his father’s death. *Spoiler alert* At first, he sided with Team Iron Man because he thought Bucky killed his father. At the end, he teamed up with Captain America to freeze Bucky. In the movie, I like how the costume matches the character personality, a panther. The costume looks very aerodynamic and muscular that enables the Black Panther to move fast.

It’s hard to make an interesting amigurumi on monotone dark color a.k.a. black. Thankfully, there is a line of metallic yarns from Paton Metallic works perfectly to give accents on this Black Panther Minion. I hope you like my interpretation of this Minion-Avengers hybrid. Enjoy!

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Black Panther

black panther

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Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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