Gold Glam Wedding


Yesterday was my best friend, IL, wedding!!! I am super excited that my best friend finally finds her better half but I’m also sad that I couldn’t attend the wedding. IL and me have been friends since we were in kindergarten!!!! Although we lived miles away in different continent in the past decade, we maintain our communication online. When I went back home for a vacation, I always met up with IL and our conversation will continue at what we left off. I am truly glad to have a best friend like her!

Due to different time zones, chatting with IL is always a bit challenging. I still remember that one time at midnight, IL suddenly called me to chat on facebook and she shared about her relationship with her boyfriend at that time. Being a good friend, I chatted with her and gave my advise for her although my eyes were half shut hahaha… One day, she gave me a good news that she started a new relationship with H and I am super happy for her. From her descriptions, H sounds a great guy. When I finally met H last year, I can see why IL fell in love with him 😉 I can only pray from here that they are both happy until death do them part. CONGRATZ, bestie!!!!

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