Elf Hat for Bunny Rabbit – FREE pattern


It’s been months since I took a break from crocheting. However, I can’t resist to make a cute little elf hat for my pet rabbit, Scotti. The idea came when I visited Bath & Body Works to buy shower gel for my dad. I saw that they sell a tiny $1 Santa hat for the Christmas season. You can put the Santa hat on top of any B&BW bottle so it looks more merry! I did bought one but the cashier forgot to put it in the bag and I realized it when I was already at home *arggghhh…. Anyway, if that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be so curious to make the crochet version of the hat 😉

I found a crochet pattern of the dog hat from Amidorable Crochet website (click here for the free pattern). However, I modified it to make a smaller size for rabbit. And since it is a Christmas season, I am feeling generous to share the pattern with all of you, animal lovers. My pattern is best suitable for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, chincillas, ferrets, hamsters, or even birds. You can also modify it into Santa hat by using red and white yarn or any color combination you’d like.

My rabbit, Scotti, is a lionhead-mini rex mixed. His ears are on top of his head and pretty close together, so I just make a big hole at the back side of the hat. If you have a lop rabbit, I also give you instruction on how to make 2 holes at the side of the hat to accomodate the loppy ears. So, without a further ado, here is the pattern.

ELF HAT for Bunny Rabbit

Hook: 4.00 mm

Yarn: worsted wight yarn (Medium 4)

Product Measurement: Opening diameter = 5.5 cm (2.1”); Height= 10 cm (3.9”)

ch          = chain
sl st        = slip stitch
sc           = single stitch
inc          = increase (2sc in a single stitch)
dc           = double crochet
trb          = treble crochet
FLO        = front loop only

[Use dark green yarn]

R1:          magic ring 6 sc                                          (6)
R2-6:       sc around                                                  (6)
R7:          (sc – inc) x3                                               (9)
R8:          sc around                                                  (9)
R9:          inc around                                                (18)
R10-13:  sc around                                                   (18)
R14:       (sc – inc) x9                                                (27)
R15-17:  sc around                                                   (27)
R18:       (2 sc – inc) x9                                             (36)
R19:       sc around                                                   (36)
R20:       [ch 12] – join at 13th stitch then 24 sc       (36) – FOR rabbit with straight ears
{OR R20:       [ch 6] – join at 7th stitch then 12 sc – [ch 6] – join at 25th stitch then 12 sc       (36) – FOR  rabbit with lop ears}
R21:       sc around (including the chain)                 (36)
R22:       ch 1 – 36 dc                                               (36)

[Use red yarn]

R23:       FLO 36 sc                                                 (36)
R24:       ch 1 – 36 dc                                              (36)
R25:       [sl st- (hdc-trb)- (trb-hdc)]x 12                  (12 scalloped shaped edge)
Fasten off and weave ends
Fold at row 23 to shape the hat.
Optional: attached a small gold bell at the top of the hat

Disclaimer: you can share the pattern with others but please do NOT claim it as your own. You are welcome to sell the items made from this pattern but please ALWAYS link back the pattern to my websites and use your own pictures in your listing. Enjoy and happy early Christmas!🙂

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Front & back side of Elf Hat for Bunny Rabbit 


Took me about 50 shots to find a few in which Scotti stayed still and the picture doesn’t look blurry hahaha…


Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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