Year of Rooster


I know it’s a bit late to say Happy Chinese New Year!!! Anyhow, I am still in the mood of celebrating the year of rooster since I will welcome a very special ‘rooster’ this year 😉 I found Ermak Elena’s rooster pattern from Ravelry the other day (click here for the free pattern) and it is perfect!

When I was a little kid, Chinese New Year celebration was something that I always excited for. One reason: the red envelope filled with money. No matter how much money I got, the feeling of having this pocketful of red envelopes from my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and relatives was something to be proud of. Me and my family usually gathered at one of my mom’s uncles’ house to have New Year dinner. This was the moment when we finally met with each other after a year long not seeing them. In Chinese custom, there are ways to properly called one’s uncle or auntie depending on your relation to the person and it is complicated – in fact, I still can’t figure it out until today hahaha…. I miss being together with my big family 😦 Maybe next year, I can go home during Chinese New Year and celebrate it with them. Anyway, enjoy the rooster amigurumi!

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Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny


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