Steph Curry


It is NBA Playoffs season now and my hubby is a HUGE basketball fan! Not only does he dominate our only TV at 6pm sharp every night, he also repeatedly watches game highlight on Youtube every night and day! At some point, I was super annoyed by all these chatters *they really gave me headache hahaha…* However, one player that he keeps mentioning draws my interest on the game. He is Stephen Curry – the hottest NBA player this season. I must say I am impressed with Curry’s actions on the court when I did some peeking while my hubby’s eyes are glued on TV. He is fast, agile, and his shots are pretty accurate *plus, he is also good looking hahaha…*

Anyway, I decided to make an amigurumi of Steph Curry as a tribute to him and my hubby’s obssession. The amigurumi may not be an exact miniature of him but I want to make it a fun and cute one 😛 I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

PS: Steph Curry visited a mall near my area last March and – of course – my hubby dragged me there. We were standing almost 45 minutes among hundreds of fans and only saw a glimpse of him. It was a pretty excited experience though 🙂

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Steph Curry-front

Steph Curry-back

Steph Curry chain



Meline – Crafty Peachy Bunny

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